Latinx Racial Equity Project

| December 16 2022

Our work (HOPE’s and LREP’s) intersect in our commitment to promote health and increase racial equity disproportionately affected by COVID 19 communities. 


As the HOPE data clearly shows, structural racism embedded in our society’s systems creates severe health inequities impacting tens of millions of BIPOC in this country. Latinx Racial Equity Project is tackling this core public health issue by training and developing a robust network of Latinx leaders to drive policy and systems changes that end health and racial disparities. Over the last 18 months, we have trained over 500 leaders from the nonprofit and government sectors – during a pandemic! These changemakers are now actively using our framework of decolonization and racial healing to counter anti-Blackness and Native erasure, challenge racism within and across their communities, and strengthen multiracial collaboration for transformational change. 


Our trainings and programs build skills that are holistic and culturally rooted in an understanding of race/racism, gender/sexism and other forms of oppression. LREP-trained leaders build authentic partnerships across differences, challenge structural -isms, and advocate for a health equity agenda. Our staff is composed of a diverse team with more than 30 years of collective experience leading racial equity change processes throughout the country. The co-founder and program leaders bring more than two decades of experience on issues of race across the US, having led several nationally-recognized Latino and immigrant rights organizations. The Latinx Racial Equity Project aims to increase the number of health equity driven Latino leaders, in the non-profit and government sectors, throughout California. Leaders trained through this project will be able to manage and nurture the increasing diversity in our state as a whole and also within the Latinx community. Participants will deepen leadership, health equity and collaboration skills rooted in the Latinx reality and cultural strengths. This will allow them to build authentic partnerships across differences, challenge structural isms and advocate for an health equity agenda.


This project will also help create a pipeline of health equity driven Latinx leaders who can help shift who is included in policy and program priorities for the Latinx community.


This project will provide trainings and organize learning circles to build skills that are holistic and culturally rooted in understandings of race, racism, gender, sexism and other forms of oppression.