Culture of Health Leadership Institute for Racial Healing


The Culture of Health Leadership Institute for Racial Healing is an 18-month leadership experience supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that uses the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) framework to strengthen the ecosystem of practitioners who are advancing racial and health equity in their work.

Our Vision

We envision a future where we’ve ended structural racism, eliminated racialized health inequities, acknowledged the harms caused by centuries of racial hierarchy, and committed to healing and fully embodying the values of freedom, equity, and justice for all.

Meeting the Urgency of the Moment

Across the country, there is growing acknowledgment that racism is a public health crisis. There is also a growing recognition that a Culture of Health and a culture of embedded racism cannot co-exist. And there is a growing commitment to addressing systemic inequities and their impacts on the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and our nation as a whole. This time of great upheaval brings great urgency. It is a moment we must not waste in our drive toward a world beyond racial hierarchy.

Participant Experience

The Culture of Health Leadership Institute for Racial Healing provides participants with opportunities to connect with a national community of like-minded people who support and help one another as they gain tools and resources that accelerate actionable progress. The program is designed to:

  • Support personal and collective healing—Healing is a crucial but often ignored component of this work. Participants need it to sustain their work and society needs it for lasting transformation. That’s why the program prioritizes it.
  • Foster and strengthen community—Building a community of practice and a meaningful network across race, class, age, geography, and ability is vital. The program, including focused retreats, fosters connections among participants, helping us all return to our work more whole and supported.
  • Enable learning, experimentation, and application—Participants share their expertise and learn from each other, from individualized coaching with other experts, and from the TRHT framework in monthly virtual learning opportunities. Everyone has the opportunity to apply what they’re learning and experiment with innovative ideas and techniques for community change.
  • Develop and connect to resources—The program provides participants with opportunities to serve as resources to each other. It also helps them gain, and connect to, other resources they need to work more effectively and sustainably toward community-based change and navigate rapidly changing organizations and systems.

Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation

The Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) framework depicts a comprehensive approach to addressing racism as both an embedded belief system and a structural legacy that requires a collective effort to overcome. The framework sees the foundational pillars of Narrative Change, Racial Healing and Relationship Building, Separation, Law, and Economy as central to impacting health and racial equity.

(Click on the image above to download the interactive PDF)

Examples of types of work that are aligned with the TRHT framework are included below as a guide, but are not exhaustive:

  • Narrative change, including but not limited to, work in journalism, entertainment, digital media, the arts, museums, etc.
  • Racial healing and relationship building–including the work of racial healing practitioners, circle facilitators, community bridge builders, faith leaders, local civic leaders, etc.
  • Community, research or policy work in areas that address separation (health, education, housing, segregation, immigration and migration, etc.), the law and democracy (voting rights, policing, incarceration, juvenile justice, etc.) and/or the economy (labor, employment, workforce development, wealth-building, etc.)

You can learn more about TRHT here.