The Raising of America Webinar

Webinar | December 12 2014

The National Collaborative for Health Equity recently held a webinar encouraging PLACE MATTERS teams to use The Raising of America – a new documentary film from award-winning media producers at California Newsreel – to help raise awareness among general audiences of the need to create more supportive environments for young children, particularly low-income kids and children of color who face an assortment of health and developmental risks.  Far too often when we speak of health, people think of the health care system, not knowing or understanding the social, environmental, and economic drivers of health.  PLACE MATTERS will use The Raising of America to raise awareness of how social conditions – whether related to violence, poverty, educational inequities, and the like – shape health.  With this understanding we believe new collaboration and partnerships can be formed, promoting a common language and movement supporting health for all.