NCHE Executive Director Dr. Gail C. Christopher Speaks in Closing Plenary at APHA 2019

Announcements, Events | November 6 2019

APHA’s 2019 Annual Meeting – Closing General Session: 1619 – 2019: Health and Justice Denied

Join Dr. Christopher for her APHA session on Rx racial healing: Disrupting cycles of injustice by transforming racial beliefs, perceptions and behaviors.

In her session, Dr. Christopher will be discussing:

  • Evidence-based interventions for changing racial attitudes, conscious and implicit.
  • Contemporary science and support for eliminating the antiquated idea of a taxonomy of humanity; replacing it with an expressed, empathetic sense of interconnected and equal value among diverse groups.
  • How participants can actively engage through their organizations and as individuals in racial healing and related transformational activities.