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Zainab Zainab Abbas

Chief Executive Officer, SciTech2U

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Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Start Year: 2024
TRHT Pillar: Narrative Change


Zainab Abbas is the founder and CEO of SciTech2U. She received her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from Knoxville College and her Master of Science in Developmental Biology from the University of Cincinnati. Throughout her career, she has worked as a scientist with Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and other research institutions. But her life’s passion for teaching began when she taught biology at Fortis College in Maryland. Her experience at the college led her in 2011 to found SciTech2U, an organization that rose from the ashes of a shattered dream of a promising African American student who was hauled out of her classroom in handcuffs. Now, she devotes all her time to her family and to the organization that she founded to disrupt the pre-school-to-prison pipeline.

She is motivated primarily by her faith in God, doing good deeds to make this world a better place, and positively influencing the lives of young people of color. She enjoys reading, traveling, and working out. Zainab is a smiling parent of two young women who are the first of her children to graduate college, and she currently lives in Maryland with her husband and four other children.


Zainab Abbas addresses the problems and barriers youth experience in educational settings. Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) continue to experience disparities in healthcare. The children are the most vulnerable to poor health, academic, and resource outcomes. BIPOC communities are historically disproportionately represented in the penal system. She teaches youth to be the solution to the problem by cultivating interest in STEAM fields. She feels unless greater access to low-cost and free STEAM programs is afforded to these students, they will continue to miss out on opportunities that may expose them to STEAM fields and keep them trapped in the preschool-to-prison pipeline. She strongly feels exposure to STEAM fields using experiential learning and culturally relevant teaching pedagogy will bring us closer to TRHT.

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