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Shamera Robinson

Nutrition Consultant, The Culture of Wellness, LLC

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Location: Washington, DC
Start Year: 2023
TRHT Pillar: Narrative Change


Shamera is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a background in public health and diabetes education. Her work focuses on eliminating disparities, promoting health equity and uplifting historically marginalized communities through nutrition. As a nutrition consultant, Shamera helps organizations develop inclusive messaging and equitable strategies required to address the nutrition needs and concerns of diverse groups.

Future Focus

Shamera is excited to use nutrition to nurture racial healing and relationship-building within communities. Racial healing and health equity are closely linked. This becomes clearer when assessing how health conditions disproportionately affect groups that have been historically marginalized. Many of these conditions, including diabetes and heart disease, are impacted by nutrition. Unfortunately, nutrition guidance is often inapplicable for groups outside of the dominant culture. 

Through her work with Culture of Wellness LLC, Shamera consults with health-based organizations to broaden nutrition guidelines and practices. However, dominant narratives related to health and healing are still deeply embedded on an individual level. Support from this program allows Shamera to facilitate more direct-to-community wellness experiences. These experiences offer a safe space for individuals to reflect, release outdated narratives and redefine health on their terms. 

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