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Mahoganee Amiger

Multidisciplinary State-Certified Teaching Artist, Recording Artist, Performing Artist, Songwriter, Sound Healer, Responsible ARTistry, Inc. and The Mahoganee Xperience, LLC

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Location: St. Helena Island, SC
TRHT Pillar: Narrative Change


The Mahoganee Xperience yields the best of the Artistry of Mahoganee who is a Gullah/Geechee lowcountry creative, renowned improvisational vocalist, recording artist, songwriter, poet, mixed-media visualist and music cultural preservationist who believes in arts advocacy through strategic partnerships. In her latest work she explores Afro-futurism with “time travel” and “portals.” Her work is heavily influenced by the quote, “The South is a Portal” from the thesis of griot, time-traveler, historian, writer, and educator Sara Makeba Daise, and the new book BlackWorld by American sociologist, author, lecturer, and educator Bertice Berry.

Mahoganee’s mission is to make a huge impact on the world by using art to entertain, elevate, enlighten, and explore the possibilities utilizing the power of our creativity and imagination to advance the Gullah Geechee culture and heritage specifically by highlighting environmental responsibilities with land stewardship, caring for our waterways, and assisting our Black landowners and farmers to move us forward. Also referred to as “Da Sea Island Songbird,” her unique style of Indigenous soul music blends elements of jazz, funk, blues, and hip-hop with African and Caribbean influence, touching on all elements of both contemporary and traditional American roots music, making her a quintessential modern folk singer. This music that ignites the senses and lyrics born out of her trans-Atlantic heritage that sparks the soul is created by Mahoganee and her husband, music producer André Amigér, and they call it Funky Organik Soul or Seed, Soil and Soul Music.

Future Focus

Mahoganee is a conduit of creativity whose current work harnesses the energy of her Gullah/Geechee ancestors, the water, and the land. The Indigenous soul music is the backdrop by which the Xperience is cultivated to include other art forms.

In the Community Health and Wellness Initiative, “Da Land and Water Resilience Tour,” Mahoganee focuses on using the arts to entertain and educate on conservation and sustainability. The goal of the project is to have a lasting positive effect on the environment. With a focus on sound as a practitioner and deepening her work as a form of social practice, understanding its healing powers to people, water, and land, she creates, reimagines, and curates new ways of storytelling in Afro-futuristic ways to heal her community.

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