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Leslie MacFadyen

Digital Strategist, LM Consulting

Leslie MacFadyen's profile photo
Location: Charlotte, NC
Start Year: 2022
TRHT Pillar: Narrative Change


Leslie Mac is a Brooklyn-born and -raised organizer and founder of the Ferguson Response Network. A seasoned digital strategist and communications expert—via her firm, LM Consulting—she helps her clients create diverse, imaginative campaigns and branding that are action-oriented and impact-focused on inclusivity and justice-minded content.

Leslie was the founding chair of the Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism Organizing Collective Board and former Communication Director for The Frontline.

In 2016, Leslie co-founded Safety Pin Box, which was featured in New York Magazine, The Daily Show, Vice News, and more. She has been named to Essence Magazine’s list of 100 Woke Women, BlogHer’s 2017 Voice of the Year for Impact, and a 2020 Election All-Star by BET.

She also speaks nationally and conducts antiracism audits and training to support institutions in the work of dismantling systemic white supremacy. Recent clients include Google, Articulate, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amazon, Meadville Lombard Theological School, Canvas8, and The Advancement Project.

You can read more about her personal story in this Essence magazine feature.

Future Focus

Leslie is excited about building a program to support Black women and gender non-conforming people analyze their digital footprint and interactions with an eye toward connection and setting boundaries that allow them to do their work while maintaining their mental and physical health. This program would include in-person meetups to strengthen connections and the creation of a personal rubric for digital interaction for all participants.

Post-Institute: Transformative Action Plans

Leslie’s current work focuses on ways to “build outside the system”- the system that implements policies banning Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools. She is working on a digital platform called Resist U. The vision for Resist U is to create access to high-quality, age-appropriate resources that help all students understand and embrace diversity. Additionally, Resist U will empower educators and parents to navigate changing legislation and restrictions on teaching critical topics.

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