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Jordon Johnson

Executive Director, Life House

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Location: Duluth, MN
Start Year: 2023
TRHT Pillar: Separation


Jordon Johnson, PhD., is a researcher, educator and community health leader committed to creating, implementing and sustaining innovative strategies and practices to advance the health and wellness of individuals, families and communities. His work is embedded in establishing relationships and collaborative partnerships that are results-oriented, which is critical to enhancing the vision and mission of organizations, programs and projects. Jordon considers himself a lead learner and effectively creates an environment to elevate human capital through professional and personal enhancement. He was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, and is thrilled to be back in his hometown after spending over 15 years in New Mexico. Jordon enjoys spending time with his wife and family, running, reading and venturing out for hikes.



Future Focus

Jordon is thrilled to be trained in the NeuGenesis modality, which has a far-reaching effect in calming the nervous system and emotional state of an individual that has experienced physical and emotional trauma. This modality provides a means to neutralize the fight, flight or freeze reaction in a person who has experienced trauma, deep wounds and emotional injury. He is focused on incorporating this into a transformational framework around racial healing. Jordon envisions being able to provide a way for people to be liberated in healing the body and soul from patterns that emerge based on traumatic events, establishing a whole and healed human being able to contribute to others and their community. He is deeply invested in healing our collective trauma and lifting up our sacred interconnectedness.



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