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Enrique Orozco-Perez

Community Advocate, Compañeros: Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center

Enrique Orozco-Perez's profile photo
Location: Durango, CO
Start Year: 2022
TRHT Pillar: Narrative Change


Over the past ten years, Enrique Arturo Orozco-Perez has served as a community advocate and organizer in Compañeros, Durango Rapid Response Network, La Plata County Food Coalitions, and Four Corners Mutual Aid Network. His involvement in organizing demonstrations to raise awareness about immigration issues and policies in La Plata County complements his lived experience and enthusiasm for the challenging and transformational work of social justice, and informs specialized knowledge in systems change and social advocacy work. He is passionate about and experienced in leading others and collaborating toward a common goal. He takes sincere and humble ownership of this work, and is both a leader and a lifelong learner—there’s always more learning and unlearning to do.

Growing up as a person of color in an immigrant family allowed Enrique to develop a lens on the importance of social equity and justice for people of marginalized communities. His career and advocacy work have been shaped by the experience of living in systems of oppression and power, and he knows first-hand the barriers continually set up to perpetuate a system that favors those in power and privilege. This is not just his career, but his life’s work, and he has continuously worked to defend the civil liberties and rights of his community and others through advocacy, education, and collaboration. Enrique has been humbled and honored to work and learn from mentors and organizations who continue this fight for LGBTQIA+, Native/Indigenous, and Black communities’ rights.


Future Focus

Working in rural Southwest Colorado the past five years, Enrique has built a network of advocacy groups and organizations that has allowed for policy change at the state and local levels.
By creating a platform to uplift the voices of those most marginalized, Enrique has helped to create direct dialogue and cooperation when it comes to identifying what bills and policy to pursue for the immigrant communities of Southwest Colorado. Through statewide collaborations, he has helped uplift the voice of the undocumented community to advocate for the need for legal representation. Enrique wants to continue his work in systems change and equity to give a voice to those most marginalized.

Post-Institute: Transformative Action Plans

Through his work with Compañeros, Enrique is currently working towards the mission of empowering immigrants and their families through resource navigation, education, and community engagement to achieve the vision of a diverse, empowered and liberated community of immigrants thriving in Southwest Colorado. Compañeros goal is to provide the support and structure necessary for students to overcome learning barriers such as technology, language, cultural, and economic barriers. The organization empowers children by supporting their emotional, educational, and cultural needs.

The expansion of Compañeros’ work reflects Enrique’s desire to continue his work in systems change and equity to give a voice to those most marginalized. He continues grassroots efforts with the dedicated mission of empowering immigrant families by filling systemic gaps (i.e., education, and immigration policy).



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