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Dr. Taylor Thorpe

Physician Assistant, Murtis Taylor Human Services System

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Location: Lyndhurst, OH
Start Year: 2024
TRHT Pillar: Separation


Taylor is a graduate of the Lake Erie College Physician Assistant Program and a recently board-certified PA-C. Her journey began in high school when her close friend faced a mental health crisis, sparking her interest in mental wellbeing. She has dedicated considerable time to engaging with individuals facing mental health challenges and authored a book titled Hidden in the Shadows to reassure others that they are not alone in their struggles.

With an educational background in psychology, urban health, and cultural competency, she has cultivated a steadfast commitment to serving and advocating for marginalized populations. Her dedication to service is exemplified by her active involvement in community service, including fostering children who have been displaced from their homes due to various circumstances, and mentorship in several capacities.

As a scholarship recipient through the National Health Service Corps, she is committed to delivering evidence-based, culturally sensitive care that fosters mental healing while actively working toward a more equitable healthcare system. Taylor envisions a future in advanced practice provider leadership where she actively champions healthcare reform and spearheads initiatives that uplift marginalized populations.


Taylor is currently focused on promoting racial healing and changing the narrative surrounding mental health, creating an environment where the Black community is not only heard but is also affirming of and willing to take control of their mental health. She is also actively contributing to breaking systemic cycles of inequality and creating healing spaces for young individuals affected by foster care. Through advocacy, policy changes, and cultural-competency initiatives, she strives to create a more equitable and just society where the unique needs and strengths of the Black community are recognized, celebrated, and actively incorporated into all facets of life. She is excited to deepen this work through the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation framework, aiming to further amplify marginalized voices and drive systemic change.

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