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Cynthia Robbins

Chief Strategist, Consult GR Team

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Location: Washington, DC
Start Year: 2023
TRHT Pillar: Law


Cynthia Robbins has helped to build, lead and support successful, enduring organizations since she was a student at Harvard and Stanford. Passionate about engaging communities to improve social outcomes, she is skilled in program, resource and organizational development, capacity-building and program design, particularly for youth and family-serving organizations. Cynthia is an expert in helping mission-driven organizations take lofty missions and good programs to scale. Her work has taken her from winning in the courtroom on behalf of low-income clients to serving as a successful consultant, advocate, funder, executive and board member.


Relevant personal, professional experiences not mentioned elsewhere

  • Child of African-American, early U.N. parents;
  • Grew up learning French and Spanish, lived in garden apartments constructed for U.N. affiliates to escape housing discrimination;
  • Co-founder, Harvard Radcliffe Expressions Dance Company and the Third World Center Organization, developed united approach to challenges facing campus communities of color;
  • Co-founder, East Palo Alto Community Law Project while at Stanford Law;
  • Civil rights litigator, Center for Law in the Public Interest;
  • D.C. public defender and juvenile law adjunct;
  • Director, Urban Recovery Legal Assistance of Public Counsel following the 1992 L.A. unrest;
  • Vice president, Eureka Communities fellowship program—sponsored nonprofit leaders visits to other communities for shared learning;
  • Senior program officer, Meyer Foundation, managed general grant program and Neighborhood Intergroup Relations project sponsoring projects across cultural lines;
  • Director, See Forever Foundation, operates school at D.C. youth prison;
  • Co-authored articles on new strategy for civil rights enforcement; 
  • Real estate investor and entrepreneur; and 
  • Convener, speaker, moderator, facilitator, writer.



Future Focus

As chief strategist of Consult GR Team, Cynthia will focus on capacity-building projects with organizations promoting reparations, voting rights, juvenile justice, etc.; gathering data on programs, policies and strategies that combat structural racism and promote racial healing, and DEI; and advocacy to compel public officials to adopt these effective policies.




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