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Celina Esekawu

Founder , Ala Soul Earthworks

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Location: Bremond, TX
Start Year: 2024
TRHT Pillar: Separation


Celina Ngozi is an agrarian from the South. In 2022, they moved to their family land to grow food full time in rural Central Texas. They have been growing food and have been involved in food systems work for 10 years. They advocate for land access for Black and Brown agrarians and deepening relationships with the earth through cultivating food and medicine and accessing ancestral knowledge. Celina Ngozi’s personal praxis has led to the development of earth-based programming uplifting practices from the African Diaspora centering culturally relevant foods, ritual, ancestral connection, community care, and collectivism.  


Additionally, Celina Ngozi has 20 years working in education and nonprofit programming. They received their Master of Arts in Community Art Education in 2013. Their thesis examined the role of the arts in building relationships across race and class in a gentrifying community. From there, Celina Ngozi deepened their work with frontline communities through facilitating courses in leadership, nutrition and wellness, and community-based art. They also coordinated community garden programs and distributed food to people and organizations. 


As a leader in food access and social justice, they served on six boards and committees including the Lafayette (Colo.) Human Rights Committee and the Community Garden Urban Agriculture working group for the local food policy council. Recently, they were welcomed as a board member of the National Young Farmers Coalition. In the past two years, Celina Ngozi received three fellowships with the NYFC and Castanea to further her leadership and advocacy for equitable and just food systems. 


Future Focus

Celina Ngozi (she, they) is a returning-generation agrarian with 10 years of food access and 20 years of education experience. Her work consists of connecting marginalized communities to culturally relevant foodways and gardening, supporting urban agriculture initiatives in underserved communities, and facilitating leadership training. She currently is stewarding her maternal family land of 150 years. There, she grows various foods and plant medicine. Since deepening her relationship to her ancestral land, Celina Ngozi advocates for land access for agrarians of color and land retention for people with heirs property.

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