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Belinda Orozco

Co-Executive Director, Voces

Belinda  Orozco's profile photo
Location: Battle Creek, MI
Start Year: 2024
TRHT Pillar: Law


Belinda is currently the co-executive director and director of Immigration Legal Services at Voces, a nonprofit organization committed to serve the Latinx community in Battle Creek, Mich. She has been a licensed attorney since November 2018 and has spent approximately five years working in the field of immigration law, advocating for the rights of individuals and navigating complex immigration processes. Her diverse background encompasses teaching, representing clients in immigration and Michigan state courts, developing legal strategies, impact work, and managing a legal team. 

Belinda spearheaded the growth and instituted the current legal practice of the newly formed subpractice, Unaccompanied Children Released Team within Michigan Immigrant Rights Center (MIRC). With the help of MIRC attorneys, her work has been established as Michigan state case law—In re Velasquez, No. 360057, 2022 Mich App LEXIS 6799 (Ct App Nov. 10, 2022)—and serves as binding authority on Michigan state court judges presiding over state court actions requesting special determinations for Special Immigrant Juvenile status. The impact of the case has been published in the State Bar of Michigan’s Family Law Journal in December 2022 and January 2023 for legal practitioners and courts to follow. She is deeply committed to advocating for the rights and wellbeing of immigrants. Her passion for serving the disenfranchised and underserved community stems from her personal journey, and it was featured in Rapid Growth Online Blog: “Attorney Belinda Orozco’s passion for serving unaccompanied migrant children” and in Michigan Radio’s NPR article: “What family separation looks like for a 5-year-old in Michigan.”  


Belinda is currently leading an innovative project within their nonprofit organization that integrates the principles of truth, racial healing, and transformation into her work representing clients in removal proceedings. This project seeks to address the disproportionate impact of immigration enforcement on communities of color, particularly Latinx immigrants. Through specialized legal advocacy, community outreach, and coalition-building efforts, she aims to challenge systemic injustices and advocate for fair and equitable immigration policies. By centering the experiences and narratives of affected individuals, she hopes to raise awareness, promote healing, and catalyze transformative change within both the immigration system and broader society. This program presents an exciting opportunity to deepen their impact by leveraging resources, engaging with stakeholders, and amplifying marginalized voices in the pursuit of racial justice.

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