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Audrey Davis

Life and Leadership Coach, Audrey Davis Coaching, LLC

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Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Start Year: 2024
TRHT Pillar: Racial Healing and Relationship Building


Born into a single-parent family in the state ranking 47th in public health spending, her story is shot through with the impact of being “outside” the circle of human concern. She grew up in a conservative, working-class, Rust-Belt town and her adolescence planted within her a desire to unite her White family and neighbors into the struggle for fairness and equity historically led by communities of color.

Four years after serving two tours abroad enlisted in the Navy, Audrey graduated summa cum laude in Political Science and History. Whether supporting immigrants fighting for better working conditions at meat packing and manufacturing corporations in Kentucky; studying social movements and communications in Italy and Washington, D.C.; working across racial lines to build the first full-time Social Justice Ministries office within the Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend; or co-organizing a statewide power organization to build grassroots leadership in the five most segregated counties of Indiana, she’s been building for more than a decade the ecosystem she wished existed as a kid. She has worked for health equity by addressing some of Indiana’s most profound social determinants of health including the impacts of mass incarceration. Most recently, her family’s and her own resilience were challenged like never before as she competed for the third-most influential seat in the second-biggest city government in the state, engaging 46,000 voters in a vision for a city where everyone belonged, and had access to mental healthcare and housing, rather than more jail beds.

Future Focus

Audrey is a community organizer turned political candidate turned leadership coach, living in the second-biggest city of Indiana (Fort Wayne), where she recently helped lead an effort that caucused the first Black female mayor into office. Her dream project would be to organize a coalition that seamlessly aligns all the main stakeholders of the city to wholeheartedly conduct a comprehensive study of the effects of segregation on life expectancies, earning power, quality of life, educational attainment, the environment, etc., leading to the city making purposeful investments in equity and racial healing.

Knowing that may take a few years, a project she is interested in to advance that mission is to build an Embodied Anti-Racism/Liberatory Activism coaching program that offers an “inside-out” arch of transformation that melds personal reflection, group learning, and somatic awareness with teaching around the trio of isolation that underpins White dominant culture (consumerism, isolation, violence, and racism) and its implications in their context. Through such a program, Audrey aims to engage other Midwestern White people in claiming active participation in building multiracial solidarity, and showing up bravely alongside others to undo the causes of division and effects of racism in their own families, neighborhoods, and communities.

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