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Angèle Pressley

Healer/Medicine Maker/Dietetic Intern,

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Location: Durham, NC
Start Year: 2023
TRHT Pillar: Separation


Angèle Pressley (she/they) is an herbalist, artist-scholar, food history enthusiast, clinical nutrition master’s student, performer and urban gardener. She came back to this mortal coil to help co-create healing with people, minister, and to be of service using plant and spirit medicine, culturally affirming nutrition and her healing hands. Angèle uses her knowledge of the Earth and African-American traditional religion to support healing, wholeness and restoration of the mind, body and soul. Angèle is passionate about teaching and hosts classes and workshops in community settings both virtually and in person. Her work has been featured on CNBC and Sirius XM, and she has taught workshops at institutions and conferences such as Hunter College, the Gullah Geechee Herbal Gathering, the Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners National Conference and the International Spiritual Technology Conference. She was recently accepted into a highly competitive dietetic internship and will be an intern at UNC Greensboro in the fall. Angèle will be completing the requirements to become a registered dietitian with a Master of Science so that she can not only have a seat at the table to create change in the nutrition field, but also create a whole new table that is inclusive and affirming for people from all walks of life.



Future Focus

Angèle is currently working on both in-person and virtual workshops to support the co-creation of healing using nutrition, plant medicine and spirit medicine. These workshops will be culturally affirming and inclusive of people from all walks of life. Her goal is to create equity in health outcomes, especially for people from historically underserved communities. Part of her healing framework is addressing the ways in which an individual needs to be nourished in mind, body and soul. She believes all the different aspects of a person must be considered holistically when determining their prescription for restored health. Angèle wholeheartedly believes that part of the medicine is in gathering in community for the purpose of healing.



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