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Amy Li

Founder and CEO, Dance4Healing/

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Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Start Year: 2023
TRHT Pillar: Racial Healing and Relationship Building


Amy was diagnosed with a rare stage IV cancer in the prime of her life while studying at Singularity University (SU) at NASA, known for empowering leaders to positively impact the world with exponential technology. Puzzled by how quickly she went from marathon runner to cancer patient within a year, Amy researched stress and investigated combining nano-biosensors and music for nonintrusive stress management. The day after her first eight-hour chemotherapy and radiation treatment, she received enthusiastic validation for the project from SU faculty, classmates and community members via standing ovation. She had to put the project on hold while undergoing intensive treatment for a year. During her recovery, she rediscovered her childhood love of music, dance and art, forgetting how sick she was. 

In 2013, she attended BJ Fogg’s Stanford Design for Dance conference. Amy was intrigued by Fogg’s belief that dance is a powerful behavior change tool yet was dismayed by its low utilization in health care despite extensive research; she left her high-paid corporate job to build Dance4Healing (D4H, AI behavioral telehealth). Her expertise includes AI research, human-centered design and behavioral strategy for AT&T, Yahoo!, Sony and VW, with work featured in The New York Times and on Gizmodo, NBC and Yahoo! Amy’s work has earned AT&T multiple patents. She is a board member of the nonprofit Humanity+, with work mentioned in Time. It advocates for the ethical use of technology, and as a minority disabled immigrant woman, she is committed to addressing AI bias that increases health disparity.



Future Focus

Funded by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, Dance4Healing is an award-winning, patent-pending AI  telehealth platform that pairs elders, chronic patients and caregivers with compatible buddies to build fun, lasting habits with recorded and live video music, dance and art classes. (Imagine YouTube + Zoom + eHarmony for health buddies.) Inspired by founder Amy Li’s stage IV cancer recovery, Dance4Healing’s mission is to make healthy habits accessible, supportive and fun, enriching the lives of people of all abilities, ages, races and genders. Its vision is to be the global cultural hub leading the experience in bridging art and health. Amy also launched an educational arm of Dance4Healing, StageIV {Wicked Wisdom} media network, including an upcoming book, a Web magazine ( and an “Expert’s Voice” interview series.



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