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Amanda Rodriguez

Director of People and Culture, Rockwood Leadership Institute

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Location: Richmond, CA
Start Year: 2022
TRHT Pillar: Racial Healing and Relationship Building


Amanda Nicole Rodriguez’s community work revolves around supporting environmental, labor, gender, educational, racial, and cultural justice efforts with a focus on the wellness of all people, especially those most impacted. They work with organizations to bridge environmental and racial justice practices for land development in regards to protecting sacred sites in our community. Amanda has led efforts to support nonprofits in creating culturally relevant and equitable programming to empower youth of color. They were also a member of the planning committee for the Seven Generations Training in the Bay Area that focused on Indigenous futurism and ensured access to Black and Indigenous leaders of color.

Amanda’s professional role at Rockwood Leadership Institute as Director of People and Culture weaves aspects of nature and culture to create pathways for wellness. This builds upon past career experience in organizing with unions and high school teachers about financial literacy and professional development. Among their achievements at Rockwood are building relationships with staff and supporting their intersectional and inherent leadership, which involves cultivating behaviors through practice to sustainably enable engagement in values-based projects while simultaneously challenging structures of oppression. For example, they incorporate ecological awareness, restorative methods, and liberatory wellness policies that inform how human resources support staff.

Additionally, Amanda is a coach for Coaching for Healing, Justice, and Liberation. The purpose of their work is to support transformation and healing of Black and Indigenous leaders. They actively engage with their network for developing strategies to support their coaching partners.

Future Focus

Their highest hope is to deepen our collective practice of tending to the balance between people and our environments for the roots of truth, racial healing, and transformation to continue to uphold the sovereignty of pachamama. Projects and efforts include racially equitable approaches to culture and wellness in nonprofit organizations; tending to the wisdom of nature in coaching for justice, healing, and liberation; and supporting seven generations truth and transformation approaches for outdoor youth educators of color.

Post-Institute: Transformative Action Plans

Amanda is working to create and achieve a narrative of legitimacy in transformative leadership spaces, a bridge across sectors previously separated like environmental justice and racial justice, and create opportunities for relationship and peacemaking. In their practice view, this embodies people and culture initiatives within nonprofits, programming with youth out in nature, and circle processes with Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or questioning (2SLGBTQ) and women and nonbinary identified affinity spaces.


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