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Articles | May 16 2016
15 Days of Equity

In 2008, Marguerite Casey Foundation listened as more than 15,000 families from 47 states identified issues of concerned to families nationwide. These issues became the Equal Voice National Family Platform. In 2012, the platform was updated to include even more voices & issues. The platform forms the basis for the Equal Voice for America’s Families movement—families across the country working together to win everything living wage ordinances to marriage equality to voting rights for formerly incarcerated people.

The wins we have seen so far are encouraging. But as Election 2016 approaches, the bottom line is that 47 million Americans live in poverty today – a number that is only increasing. At a national level, the central concerns families raised as critical to their well-being remain unchanged, from inadequate childcare to separate and unequal schools and more.

Our 15 Days of Equity reflect the voices of thousands of families across the country who simply want an equal voice in the policy decisions affecting their lives.

What would a Day of Equity look like to you?  (Read more)