Dream World

Articles | June 6 2016

by Michael Wenger – Adjunct Faculty Member, George Washington University

I fell asleep the other night while visiting Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room on CNN. And I dreamed.

It started with the Democrats. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders emerged from a closed door meeting with a stunning announcement. Secretary Clinton spoke first:

“It appears that the FBI will not complete its investigation of the e-mail controversy until September or October. While I’ve done nothing wrong, I cannot in good conscience accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for President with this investigation hanging over us. No matter what the FBI concludes, Donald Trump will try to mislead the public about its contents. Coming on the eve of the election, it would be a dangerous distraction from the imperative of keeping Mr. Trump out of the White House. So, I feel compelled to step aside for the good of our country.”  (Read more)