Bernalillo County, NM

For more information and to become involved, please contact:
Team Lead
James M. Aranda, Bernalillo County PLACE MATTERS Director
505-244-9505 ext. 116

Team Profile Summary

The Bernalillo County team advocates for sound land-use, environmental, and social policies that provide equal opportunities for safe, clean and healthy neighborhoods and provides guidance to resolve the geographic disproportionate environmental burdens on the people of color, working poor, low-income and vulnerable communities of Bernalillo County.

Problem Statement

Policy decisions have left too many of our residents living in communities that offer few resources to live healthy lives. Not only do poor communities and communities of color experience higher crime rates and environmental impacts than others, people in these communities have fewer opportunities for quality education and economic opportunity. Furthermore, stressors arising from where we live can negatively impact health. Bernalillo County is committed to decreasing inequalities and to achieving better health for all residents or Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

Team Objectives

1. Educate policy makers and communities about the influence of neighborhood conditions on health;

2. Offer information to promote policy change for healthy neighborhoods;

3. Evaluate the consequences of policies, projects and plans and gives that information to policymakers so they can use it to make wise decisions for the community;

4. Advocate for policies that lessen the poor health outcomes experienced by members of our communities as a consequence of stress from environmental and social conditions.

Community Partners: (in alphabetical order)