Building Healthy Communities One ZIP Code at a Time

Articles | August 25 2016

by Daniel Lau, Manager of Strategic Engagement

When Reno’s Renown Health and the Washoe County Health District teamed up to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) in 2014, they found that the region shared a basic health profile with the rest of the state and country. Heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease were the leading causes of death. However, the CHNA found that the mortality rates from these causes were higher in the region than in the rest of Nevada or the U.S., and found that chronic disease was a cause of major economic strain for local families. And within the county, some communities fared far worse than others.

All nonprofit healthcare systems like Renown are required by the Affordable Care Act to conduct CHNAs. The rule is designed to look more holistically at the drivers of poor health and incentivize providers to address the social determinants of health .  (Read more)