Culture of Health Leaders

The Culture of Health Leaders program, one of four new RWJF national programs, with The Culture of Health Leaders program, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.



Culture of Health Leadership participants will engage in three years of learning experiences, including individual and team-based projects that encourage innovation, discovery, and hands-on application. They will work with nontraditional partners on producing health initiatives, engage authentically with communities to change systems and institutions, and share their professional and life experiences in support of other leaders and the field. Participants will also work intensely with nationally recognized subject matter experts, mentors, and coaches as well as with their other National Program Center peers to lead change within and among systems and institutions.

The Culture of Health Leadership Program will cultivate, train, and support leaders who represent multiple sectors as they lead communities, organizations, and the nation toward a Culture of Health. Specifically, participants come from a mix of established teams working to advance health equity (through collaborative partnerships spanning government, community-based organizations, businesses, faith groups, emerging multi-sector teams), as well as individual leaders who are highly motivated and prepared to forge partnerships for health across sectors. If you are ready to work to help all people be healthier visit

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