Travel Information and Documents


Corporate Traveler:
Once your event registration has been confirmed, you will receive an email from Philip Serrao at [email protected], who will follow up after you complete your registration to arrange your travel itinerary.  If after you’ve reserved your travel and you need to make changes, please contact Philip within 24 hours of receiving your flight itinerary. Any changes to your ticket after the initial booking will be at your own expense.

Travel Expenses
If your travel expenses have been approved, your expenses to and from the event are covered by NCHE.  Travel expenses covered include flight/train, ground transportation, parking, and baggage fees.

Mileage is reimbursed at the IRS rate which is currently $0.535 cents/mile.

Reimbursement Forms:
A completed Expenditure Reimbursement form (EFT for direct deposit payment) or Check Request form should accompany your receipts when submitting them for payment. For direct deposit of your reimbursements, please complete the EFT form.  Be sure to scan or affix a voided check to the form.Travel reimbursements should be included on either form.  A copy of your W-9 must accompany all reimbursement requests.

When requesting mileage reimbursement, please include a map of your travels which indicates the distance you traveled.

Check Request Form
EFT Form
Expense Reimbursement Form
Blank W-9

Please submit your reimbursement form(s) and original receipts no later than 25 days after the meeting/event, via mail at 1301 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20036 or electronically to the attention of Muriel Warren ([email protected]) . Please be sure to sign your reimbursement forms.