National Collaborative for Health Equity Forums NCHE Forum What policies and practices have you encountered that helped people overcome systemic and structural barriers to equal opportunity for healthy lives?

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    Addressing policies and practices in the public and private sectors are a critical component of the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) framework. It moves us towards the major changes needed in our society to facilitate racial justice and health equity, while jettisoning the hierarchy of human value that fuels racism. Here is one example: During the pandemic, it became clear that many seniors and people of color wanted the vaccine but could not get to the locations where it was being distributed. Policies were changed, and new ways were found to get the vaccine to people in their homes or nearby facilities. It is hoped that this awakening can continue long after the pandemic is over – let’s continue to help people in their homes and communities. We want to share and expand the policies and practices that are changing communities, enhancing the quality of life. Give us some examples from your communities.

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