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    Narratives or stories are so important in our lives. The narrative shapes and determines public perceptions and those viewpoints, in turn, influence responses.  How a topic is framed is critical to how audiences think and respond to that issue. Furthermore, the framing of an issue frequently determines what public, private and philanthropic tools and resources are made available to address it. Consider homelessness. For too long, the “blame the victim” narrative prevailed. Over time, audiences have recognized that often it’s not the fault of the homeless that they cannot access an affordable place to live.  More and more, audiences recognize that the lack of affordable housing, limited access to mental health treatment and poor healthcare are key factors in homelessness. As a result, these contributors have grown as public and private policy objectives.  In this space, share narratives that must change to grow efforts to create health equity in our communities.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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