The Aftermath of Botham Jean’s Killing Shows Why We Need to Cope With the Community Trauma of Police Brutality

Articles | September 20 2018

By Shaun King

2018 has been an absolute bloodbath, not just for black folk in America, but for people of color around the world. Yet President Donald Trump dominates the headlines and the overwhelming barrage of news about him makes it easy for us to miss all the bigoted atrocities around the world. But we must not let these stories slip by.

2018 has been one of the deadliest years ever measured for police brutality in the United States, but most of us couldn’t name three of those victims if somebody paid us. The injustices surrounding the brutality are as bad as they have ever been.

A breathtaking 12,800 migrant children are currently being detained by this federal government — which is a 400 percent increase from last year and the highest number recorded in modern American history. (Read more)