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Rodney Washington

Lead Evaluator , Foundation for the Mid South

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Location: Madison, MS
Start Year: 2024
TRHT Pillar: Racial Healing and Relationship Building


Rodney Washington, EdD, is a dedicated educator and advocate with a multifaceted background in criminology, justice services, mental health counseling, and early childhood education. As the owner and lead researcher of Consulting Plus, LLC, he channels the lived experiences of underrepresented populations into enhancing community engagement approaches and fortifying qualitative research methods. His approach prioritizes community-first strategies, employing an equity-driven, participatory research model to provide a deeper context that supports safe spaces for participation with dignity.

In his role, Rodney has spearheaded numerous initiatives to support children and families. He has led evaluation efforts for the Mississippi TRHT, a project central to this fellowship application. His work also includes advocating for developmental screenings for African American children from birth to age 8 (Help Me Grow Mississippi) and facilitating access to crucial mental health services for families. Recognizing the distinct challenges of different communities, he aids school districts and early learning centers in crafting tailored, evidence-based interventions. These interventions aim to effect substantive change, targeting issues like reducing suspensions, excessive disciplinary practices, and enhancing parental engagement.

Rodney’s commitment extends beyond education into public health, particularly focusing on HIV testing among African American MSM and addressing barriers to PrEP adherence and use among sexual minority populations.

Future Focus

Rodney leverages his extensive public health and education background to design and implement comprehensive program evaluations that inform policy and practice. His approach grounds rigorous data analysis with community engagement to ensure that interventions are culturally responsive and impactful. As a lead evaluator of several equity-based projects, he hopes to build solid relationships that honor community voices anchored in truth and transformation, leading to meaningful and sustained change.

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