It’s Time to Sound the Alarm for Communities Most Vulnerable to the Coronavirus

Articles | March 20 2020

By Mustafa Santiago Ali

THE SPREAD OF THE NOVEL coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, is driving massive disruption of financial markets, exposing huge gaps in government preparation and focusing worldwide attention on citizen health. Amid the upheaval, however, we still find that those who are far too often unseen and unheard are once again in the crosshairs of disease and death. These are truly our most vulnerable communities: lower-income people, people of color and indigenous peoples.

After 20-plus years of working at the highest levels on responses to both natural and man-made disasters, I know firsthand what can happen to vulnerable communities when their lives and unique challenges are ignored while governments struggle to react. We must prioritize underserved communities by being willing to place the resources and expertise in the areas that are most at need (Read more).