Impact Report – Bias in the Media: Girls & Young Women of Color

Articles, Reports | June 20 2016

In January/February 2015, the National Voices Project (NVP) conducted the Girls and Young Women of Color survey, in partnership with the National Collaborative for Health Equity (NCHE). The survey was administered by GfK, an international survey research organization that maintains KnowledgePanel, a nationally representative, web-enabled panel of adults 18 years or older across the United States.

Some key findings in the report includes:

  • Overall, respondents perceived a greater proportion of negative bias in the media for African American, Arab/Arab American and Latino girls/young women than for American Indian/Alaskan Native, White, Asian/Asian American and Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander girls/young women.
  • Positive bias in the media for girls and young women was perceived infrequently for all racial/ethnic groups, though most for White girls and young women.
  • Respondents of color indicated the media portrays girls of color in negative ways (as criminals, poor and violent) more often than White girls compared to White respondents.

(Read the Full Impact Report PDF)