NCHE 2023 Convening

Transformative Leadership for Racial and Health Equity

Convening Overview

The NCHE 2023 Convening brought together a passionate community dedicated to advancing health equity and fostering racial healing. Held in Washington, DC, this impactful event served as a catalyst for dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative action. Attendees engaged in panel discussions, breakout sessions, healing circles, and self-organized sessions, exploring the intersections of health, equity, and racial healing. The event fostered a sense of belonging, empowerment, and renewed inspiration to drive transformative change and achieve health equity for all.


2023 Convening Agenda

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023 (Day 1) Photos

The first day of the NCHE 2023 Convening was filled with anticipation and inspiration as participants gathered in Washington, DC, to embark on a transformative journey towards health equity and racial healing. The event commenced with a warm welcome and a heartfelt indigenous blessing, setting the tone for inclusivity and collaboration. Dr. Gail C. Christopher, Executive Director of NCHE, delivered powerful opening remarks, acknowledging the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Attendees were invited to reflect on the significance of their collective mission and the role they play in driving positive change. This first day laid a solid foundation for the days to come, fostering a sense of belonging and setting the stage for engaging discussions, impactful sessions, and the exchange of knowledge and insights that would shape the transformative journey ahead.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 (Day 2) Photos

The second day of the NCHE 2023 Convening was marked by invigorating discussions, deep exploration, and transformative experiences. Participants began their day with optional wellness activities, embracing the importance of self-care and holistic well-being in the pursuit of health equity. The morning session featured a captivating presentation by Dr. Gail C. Christopher, who provided an insightful overview of NCHE and the TRHT movement, highlighting the profound link between racial healing and creating a culture of health. Attendees then immersed themselves in healing circle breakout sessions, fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness. Concurrent self-organized sessions within each NCHE program allowed participants to build relationships, share insights, and explore strategies for advancing health equity. The day concluded with a visioning and planning workshop, where participants collaboratively developed action plans guided by the pillars of the TRHT framework. This second day provided a transformative space for learning, collaboration, and collective visioning, propelling participants forward on their journey towards achieving health equity and dismantling systemic inequities.

Thursday, April 26, 2023 (Day 3) Photos

The day began with a panel discussion on "Building on the TRHT Framework to End Racism and Achieve Health Equity" provided valuable insights and stories from esteemed panelists, shedding light on the goals and impact of various NCHE programs. Visioning and planning breakout sessions empowered participants to collaboratively develop action plans based on the pillars of the TRHT framework, fueling a collective vision for dismantling systemic inequities. The day concluded with participants having the opportunity to enjoy a self-guided afternoon and evening on the National Mall, fostering personal reflection and connection with the surroundings. Overall, the third day of the convening provided an immersive experience of learning, collaboration, and collective visioning, further propelling participants on their journey towards achieving health equity and fostering racial healing.

Friday, April 27, 2023 (Day 4) Photos

The fourth and final day of the NCHE 2023 Convening marked a culmination of impactful discussions, empowering breakout sessions, and transformative experiences. Participants engaged in the report-out and full group sharing session, where they had the opportunity to present their action plans and outcomes from the visioning and planning breakout sessions. This collective sharing of insights and strategies fostered a sense of unity and collaboration, amplifying the commitment to dismantling health disparities and systemic inequities. The event concluded with participants departing with renewed inspiration, strengthened networks, and actionable insights. The NCHE 2023 Convening served as a catalyst for ongoing commitment and collective action towards achieving health equity and fostering racial healing in communities nationwide.


Thank you to all of the attendees that expressed their gratitude to be apart of the 2023 NCHE Convening.


BDI TRHT Interactive Map: Visit this link to the right to view our map supporting the Truth Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) movement, a comprehensive strategy to effect transformational and sustainable change, and to address the historic and contemporary effects of racism.

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