Environmental Racism Continues to Deny Black People a Chance for a Healthy Community

Articles | May 17 2017

By Danielle Dorsey

There’s a reason why Black communities are most often the hosts for waste and sewage facilities, power plants and land fills. For years, our government got away with dumping in and degrading the environment of urban areas, a form of environmental racism that has been shown to have long-lasting consequences on the health and well-being of residents.

There was a time when Newark, N.J., was regarded as an emblem of American industrialism. The city is home to the third-largest port in the nation and is a major hub for shipping, air and rail, providing an abundance of white-collar jobs and making it a popular commute for nearby New Yorkers. Though good for the economy, these developments have wrought an environmental plague upon the residents of Newark, a majority Black city. As the Trump administration favors oil, gas and coal industries over the disenfranchised communities most impacted by their greed, it will be up to cities like Newark to step up and demand accountability on a local level.  (Read more)