Louisiana Center for Health Equity

| December 20 2022

The Louisiana Center for Health Equity (LCHE) was created and established with the sole purpose of addressing health and healthcare disparities in Louisiana through the lens of health equity. One current example of our health equity work is our Campaign to Establish Louisiana Office on Women’s Health. Louisiana is 49th in women’s health outcomes. Those that are most impacted are black women in the state. The Office will work to improve the health outcomes of women all over the state. Our COVID-19 recovery priorities were addressed in the recent 2022 Health Summit. Among other topics, there was a focus on the role trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have on the education, suspension, and expulsion of children, especially black boys and men, in Louisiana schools prior to and after the pandemic. LCHE also is working to address the issue of poverty by promoting economic security, mobility, and sustainability of Louisianans in the wake of the pandemic. The role of data is also a major focus as we are developing an online data and action platform for our LA40by2030 initiative.