Center for Achieving Equity

| December 20 2022

The Center for Achieving Equity will engage all levels of community to ensure systems, structures, policies and practices create and sustain equitable opportunities for all.


The Center for Achieving Equity’s (CAE) focus is to ensure health implications and equity considerations are in the forefront as policy makers and others make decisions that substantially impact the residents of Cuyahoga County and the neighborhoods in which County residents live. To that end, the CAE team exists to:

  • Help leaders focus on a broader definition of health. We believe that health is not simply the absence of disease. Health begins where we live, work, learn, and play. Health includes the social conditions one lives in (the jobs we do, the money we’re paid, the schools we attend, the neighborhoods we live in). These determinants are as important as our genes, our behaviors, and our medical care.
  • Ensure “health and equity in all policies” is embedded in work throughout every sector, by building the capacity of policy-makers, organizational leaders and community members to use an overarching health equity lens when developing policies.
  • Support equitable decision-making, planning and practices by facilitating a community of practice, which builds the capacity of leaders and influencers and documents effective strategies and practices of the entire community.
  • Utilize “place-based” interventions to engage and empower residents working to revitalize under- resourced communities.

2022 Priorities: 

  1. Expand our community of practice based on shared values, continuous learning, aligned policy and practice; data and action
  2. Produce new health equity report
  3. Develop written case study based on activities of existing aligned partners; e.g. similar to Practical Playbook II, Chapter 4
  4. Leverage collaborations with new advisory committee