COHLI Travel Information and Documents


Program Travel Overview

As a part of your program participation you will be expected to attend two hybrid retreats (with options for in-person or virtual participation) focused on fostering deep connection with other practitioners doing complementary work. The first retreat will be held June 6-9th in Phoenix, AZ and the second retreat will be held in March 2023. The program covers flights, hotels, and meals during the convening. Participants can be reimbursed for ground transportation and meals not covered during the convening.

Booking Travel with Corporate Traveler

Corporate Traveler is the National Collaborative for Health Equity’s (NCHE) Official Travel Agency. After you complete your meeting registration, Philip Serrao at [email protected] will help you arrange your travel itinerary. In order to make your booking, Corporate Traveler will need your name as it appears on travel IDs, and dates of birth. If the traveler has a frequent flier number or TSA info you would like to add to your reservation, you can provide it when booking your flight.  If after you’ve reserved your travel you need to make changes, please contact Philip within 24 hours of receiving your flight itinerary. Any changes to your ticket after the initial booking will be at your own expense.

If your travel expenses have been approved, your expenses to and from the event are covered by NCHE.  Covered travel expenses include flight/train, ground transportation, parking, and baggage fees.

Travel Expense Reimbursements

Travel reimbursements will be paid by direct deposit to your bank. Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to mail checks. If you have not already done so, please submit electronic transfer information so that we may provide payments via direct deposit. Please use the links provided below to access and complete the payment forms needed to receive compensation for your services.

Reimbursement Form (link here)

A completed Expenditure Reimbursement form should accompany your receipts when submitting them for payment. Make sure to sign your reimbursement form once it is completed.

  • Each receipt must be on its own line on the reimbursement form.
  • All applicable cells must be filled out for each line/receipt, which includes:
    • Receipt #, Receipt Date, Project Name, Expense Account, Description, and Total Amount.
      • For “Purpose” use COHLI Travel to [Insert Event Name]
      • For Project Name use “COHLI/NCHE”
  • When filling in the Expense Account please use one of the following bold account codes:
    • 7511 Travel & Meals – Non-Staff Travel and meal costs for anyone who is not a project employee while traveling for the project (ex. contractors, grantees, fellows). This includes flight, hotel, and ground transportation costs.
    • 7515 Travel: Gas/MileageGas and mileage reimbursements for non-staff (ex. contractors, grantees, fellows).
    • Mileage is reimbursed at the current IRS rate.
      • When requesting mileage reimbursement, please include a map of your travels which indicates the distance you traveled.

Internet fees in hotels or on flights are not reimbursed. We are only able to reimburse payments with the official receipt from the vendor. Group or shared receipts will only be reimbursed to the payee(s) listed on the official vendor receipt.


NCHE will allow up to $75 per day to cover personal meals (including any daily combination of meals, snacks, beverages, tax, and tips). Meal reimbursements may include a gratuity of up to 20% of the bill. This is a maximum amount, not an allowance.

  • When attending conferences/events, the attendee will only be reimbursed for meals when not provided through the conference/event.

Travelers are expected to use good judgment regarding the choice of restaurants and meal costs, limit the purchase of alcoholic beverages, and ensure costs are well within business norms for both the relevant location and the use of our charitable funds. Travelers also should exercise good stewardship by adjusting the daily limit when traveling for partial days.

  • Use of Alcohol – Travelers are expected to use good judgment and limit the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is only supported/reimbursed as part of a meal and will be included in the per-day maximum noted above. Purchases of alcohol from a retail store or mini-bar are not reimbursable regardless of where or with whom they are consumed.

W-9 Form (link here)

A copy of your W-9 must also be submitted before or with all reimbursement requests.

  • If you have already completed and submitted this form you do not have to submit it again.
  • The name and address on the W-9 must match invoices submitted for payment.

Electronic Funds Transfer Form (link here)

Check payments are not being issued by New Venture Fund. For direct deposit of your reimbursements, please complete the EFT form and be sure to scan or affix a voided check to the form.

  • If you have already completed and submitted this form you do not have to submit it again.
  • Scan or affix a voided check to the form. A clear and visible photo of the check will also be accepted. The request for a voided check is for your benefit – if there are any errors on the EFT form, it allows for a second confirmation and payments can be resubmitted the same day.

Please submit your reimbursement form(s) after travel is completed and no later than 15 days afterward via email to the attention of Maurice Parris at [email protected] and cc: Muriel Warren at [email protected] or fax to 202-765-2400 with attention to Maurice Parris.

Deadlines will be enforced. Please be sure to sign your reimbursement forms. Failure to follow the instructions provided can cause considerable delays. If we have any questions, we will contact you, otherwise please allow 1-2 days to upload and process your invoice and a minimum of two weeks to receive payment.