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Black midwives in the 1900s who worked throughout the south providing reproductive needs birthed our nation. Today, groups are working nationwide to improve the Black midwife workforce.

By Anna Claire Vollers, Reckon

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By Jacqueline Howard and , CNN

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Today, NCHE mourns the loss of Dr. John Moeser, known as the moral conscience of Richmond. Initiatives of Change/Hope in the Cities partnered with John on his groundbreaking “Unpacking the Census” series.  Conversations surrounding his work raised a level of awareness about disparities present in the Metro Richmond area. It led to the development of the Office of Community Wealth Building, a city agency that has a wholistic approach to moving individuals from one social economic statue to middle class, a model that has been duplicated by other cities across the country. A lead story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch carried a tribute by Michael Paul Williams which quotes many leading Richmonders in evaluating John’s service.

Initiatives of Change honors the life of Dr. John Moeser on their website.

He will be remembered as a pioneer and champion for racial equity and a valued friend and partner.


In June 2022, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) announced a formal review to revise OMB’s Statistical Policy Directive No. 15 (Directive No. 15)Standards for Maintaining, Collecting, and Presenting Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity. The first step in the formal review process for OMB’s statistical standards for collecting race and ethnicity data is well underway – and the public is encouraged to share their perspectives and input.

There are two ways the public can get involved:

1) The Working Group, through OMB, is soliciting public input on its recommended proposal for revisions to Directive No. 15 through a Federal Register Notice. If you’d like to be notified when the Federal Register Notice is published, please send a request to join the mailing list to [email protected].


2) The Working Group is holding virtual, bi-monthly listening sessions to hear directly from members of the public. To schedule a listening session, please send a brief email expressing interest to [email protected].

By Mike Ludwig, Truthout

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Black, Asian and Hispanic residents are outpacing their White counterparts.

By Emily Woodruff

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APHA TV meets with Dr. Gail Christopher to discuss her thoughts on racial healing through Policy. Dr. Christopher also details the Truth, Racial, Healing and Transformation framework and shares some words of encouragement for public health workers.

Racial Healing through Policy with Dr. Gail Christopher – APHA TV

“The largely insular appraisal industry of 78,000 is skewed over 85 percent white with less than 2 percent of appraisers identifying as Black.”

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By American Heart Association News,

“Untreated, high blood pressure can lead to disabling, potentially fatal illnesses including heart disease, stroke, dementia, kidney disease, sexual dysfunction, vision loss.”

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